Fighting Cybercrime: Defending the Fortress

 The cost of cyber crime is estimated to be around $600 billion globally. The lower cost of entry, along with technological advancements like machine learning and artificial intelligence, make for a fairly easy adoption.

Join this interactive panel to learn more about:
- How can enterprises defend their critical data assets from the financially motivated attacker?
- What is the best defence against ransomware, phishing and other attacks?
- The true cost of breach
- The role of security education in fighting cyber crime

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Defending from Attack: Winning the Cyber Conflict

 Effective responses to modern IT risks requires a transition from cyber security to cyber defense. This presentation introduces analysis based on proven military tools to understand, assess, and defend against cyber-attack. See how Petya worked its way in, and how to defend against it. Take away valuable tools and frameworks to develop your defenses.  

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Making Strategy Reality: Winning strategy through tactics

In cyber security the strategic goals are often clear, while the methods to achieve those goals is anything but. This webinar introduces Damrod’s Cyber Strategic Framework that applies military analysis to cyber security challenges.   Aimed at security teams trying to implement high level goals in the real world, this talk focuses on effects based planning that integrates disparate elements of IT and security into a cohesive package.   Defending the network is about more than technology.  Analysis and leadership are critical elements of an effective cyber defense.  You will leave this webinar better equipped to develop the tactics that make strategy a reality.   

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Cyber Security Panel: The Case for Optimism

 There is too much fear and derision  from the old guard of cybersecurity. Big breaches are used as  justification for sales pitches and pedestals to mock the victims. While  it is undeniable that cybercrime continues to grow, and future of cyber  conflict is contested, there is good cause to think we are doing better  than we imagine.

And that we can win in the future.

No competitive team enters a contest with a ‘let’s catch up’ mentality.  Leaders inspire us to victory. CISO’s need to fill to role of champion  and present a positive message – ‘we can win’.

Join this talk with industry thought leaders as we discuss the state of  the conflict and emergent tactics from AI to insurance that promise to  re-define cyber defence. 

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