Robust security begins with the ability to absorb an attacker's momentum.  Layered cyber security provides time to detect and defeat attackers.  Interrupting Lockheed Martin's 'Cyber Kill Chain' is achieved through defense in depth.

All Around Defense

Threats come from all vectors - both inside and outside of your security perimeter.  Consider all approaches to the cyber terrain.  

Mutual Support

There is overwhelming variety in today's cyber security market.  However sound, an end point solution is most valuable if it supports other solutions.  


Reserves are the resources you hold back from daily operations.  For example, the capability to respond quickly to repair a breach, or to have additional resources to introduce new security measures.

Offensive Spirit

Think like an attacker!  Defenders cannot afford to be passive agents in their own security.  Be aggressive in cyber space to protect your perimeter.


Attackers use automated tools than can be fooled into identifying fake vulnerabilities.  Add deception to your cyber defense to delay, distract, and disorient attackers.